Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)
Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)
Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)
Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)

Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)

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Barrel aged beverages available in the market are very expensive. So, we came up with the idea of Oak Infusion Sticks that imparts extravagant Oak flavor and aromas to your drink, similar to an Oak Barrel used in traditional Oak aging process. 

    Specs and Features

    1) Each Oak infusion stick can age up to 4 bottles of capacity 375 ml (equivalent to 1.5 litres of spirit)

    2) Size: Designed to fit in any quarter (180 ml), half (375 ml) available in the market. Also fits in any tumbler to infuse oak flavor in a single drink

    3) Wood: 100% American Oak Wood

    4) Treatment: Roasted to a Medium Toast Level (360 to 400 deg.F)  or Medium Plus Toast Level (400 to 440 deg.F)

    5) Compatibility: Can be used with any Whiskey, Rum, Vodka or Tequila.

    6) Tasting Notes achieved:

    Nose: Vanilla bean, oak, nutty
    Taste: Smokey, Nutty, and caramel
    Finish: Smooth and Mellow and Smoky (Medium Plus Toasted Variant) 

    7) Packaging: A retail tubular packaging


    Directions to Use:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    Oak Infusion Sticks (Pack of 5)

    Tushar Shukla
    Great with blends

    I tried the infusion sticks for a blend and with Royal Stag Barrel Select. Both had great results. I was more than pleased with this basic experiment. The oak infusion does elevate the home drinking experience several notches, and educates you a bit along the way too.

    Infusion Sticks

    I tried their infusion sticks and since I like smoky whiskies I ordered for Medium Toasted Plus, Smoke flavour.
    I let it sit in the decanter with the whisky for a week or so since I really wanted to give it enough time, though they recommend 48 hours for a bottle of whiskey.
    The result were phenomenal... I can't believe what it did to the whisky. It's must try if you want to give your whiskey a premium taste.
    GO FOR IT!

    Oaky flavour

    Good to make indian whiskies smooth and flavourful. You get a nice and pleasent woody/ oaky note.

    Mahesh Chavan
    Very Nice

    Very Nice