Q. How do Oak Infusion Sticks work?

Ans. Our Oak infusion sticks are made of premium White American Oak which is rich in wood vanillin and oak lactones that impart vanilla and honey notes. Once the wood is turned into an infusion stick, the stick is toasted to medium (360 to 400 deg.F) level or to medium plus (400 to 440 deg.F) level. Wood toasting enhances the flavor in following ways:

  1. Heat caramelizes the wood sugars, which imparts vanilla and honey flavours to the spirit.
  2. Toasted wood surface filters the undesirable components such as sulphur out of the spirit and makes it more smooth and mellow.
  3. Heat also sterilizes the wood, eradicating any possibility of microbial growth.

Q. Why one should opt for Oak infusion sticks over Oak barrels and casks?

Ans. Our Oak infusion sticks are designed to expose more wood surface to the spirit for an equal volume portion of spirit in an Oak cask, which implies in case of a cask more spirit is available to be infused with flavors, hence more time is required for the spirit to reach the same flavor profile as achieved by Oak infusion sticks. It has been observed that an oak cask takes 10 days to obtain the same flavor profile as achieved by an Oak infusion stick in a day. Moreover, Oak casks and barrels cost much more than Oak infusion sticks and require a lot of maintenance in order to prevent them from leaking.  

Q. How does the oak infused spirit taste like?

Ans. It tastes a lot smoother, and mellower than the regular spirit; less harsh on your tongue with the notes of vanilla, honey, almonds and walnut. If left for a bit longer duration in a bottom or mid shelf whisky it imparts a smokey and woody flavor much like that of a premium scotch.

We recommend to pour one third of the whisky in a separate container and infuse the remaining with an infusion stick and taste both the batches separately so you can make out the difference

Q. How many times an Oak Infusion Stick can be used?

Ans. An oak infusion stick can be used multiple times by just washing with only water (no soap or cleanser) until the taste of the stick fades away. Ideally, a stick can be used to infuse spirit (750 ml) 3 to 4 times with oak flavor, or in other words a single stick is capable to infuse a batch of 2.5 to 3 Liters.

Q. Which spirit works best with Oak Infusion Sticks?

Ans. Oak Infusion Sticks work best with whisky (any kind), followed by tequila, then Rum and then beer and wine. Experiments with wine and beer have not been that astonishing. Work is being done to develop sticks that would work best with wine.

Q. Would Oak Infusion Stick fit into my bottle?

Ans. Oak Infusion sticks are designed to fit in any 330 ml bottle or a vessel bigger than that. These sticks work most conveniently with decanters or 750 ml bottles.

Q. What is the difference between Medium Toasted and Medium Plus Toasted Oak infusion sticks?

Ans. The major difference is the temperature to which they are toasted. Medium Toasted sticks are toasted to a medium toast level (360 to 400 deg.F) to bring out vanilla, honey and sweeter notes, whereas Medium Plus sticks are toasted using to higher temperatures (400 to 440 deg.F) to bring out the almond, walnut and other nutty notes. 

Q what will happen if I use these sticks with pure ethanol?

Ans. These sticks work wonders with White Dawg or Moonshine. It would require more than one stick and a little more time to infuse oak flavor as these sticks are designed to oak infuse the spirits which have already been barrel aged for some time. Consider popping 3 to 4 sticks in a batch of 1.5 L of Moonshine and let them sit at least for 5 days in the batch until it develops that beautiful golden color.

Q. Can these sticks be used with Vodka?

Ans. These sticks are very effective with Vodka especially if you are a cocktail lover. It keeps the crispness of vodka intact while providing it with the smoothness like bourbon.

Q. Do we ship Overseas?

Ans. Not yet, because the facility and machinery that is presently available with us is only sufficient to fulfill the domestic demands but in the future as we grow, we would start shipping our products overseas. 

Q Do we offer wholesale prices?

Ans. Yes, we have wholesale prices with customized packing. For more information: E-mail us at or give us a call at +91-9182686067 / 9899981813 / 7303619060 

Q Do I need to wash Barrel Shot every time I age my drink?

Ans. No, as long as you want to age the same spirit, there is no need to wash it with water. Moreover, if you like to experiment you shouldn't bother it to wash with water even before using it to age some other spirit. It is always advised to wash the shot glass with lukewarm water whenever it is left unused for more than a couple of days.