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Science Behind Barrel Aging

Toasting wood at elevated temperatures enhance the flavor in the following ways:

Heat caramelizes the wood sugar, which adds sweetness to the spirit. Toasted wood surface filters  the undesirable bitter components out of the spirit making it more smooth and mellow. Heat also sterilizes the wood, eradicating any possibility of microbial growth.


It really takes your whisky to a different level altogether. After infusing it into a blended Scotch, one gets the feeling of having original Scottish whisky.

Satyavrat Vaidya

Simply love the transformation just after leaving the whiskey for 20-25 mins. Smokey and Oaky.

Gaurav Hajela

Awesome, it works perfect and you can feel an amazing taste and amazing aroma.

Prem Mehra

I had visited a friend last month who made me tasted the Infused drink..I ordered it myself and since then I couldn’t have it without infusion.. kuddos to such a product and their manufacturer🍻.

Lokesh Singh